Little Creek Landscaping

Grading and Sodding

The process of grading is to ensure that there is positive drainage away from the foundation of a building so water will run off and not accumulate. Grade stakes are put in at a certain grade level (by surveyor's) and with bobcats, shovels, rakes, etc the clay base (rough grade) and topsoil (final grade) is graded to these elevations (as required by the city) to obtain positive drainage. Grading is a skill that has to be learned and with enough experience an operator can become very proficient at doing them. Once the final grade is complete, sod can then be laid. Laying sod is a very labor intensive task and the yard layout/crew size usually determines how long it will take to complete. Sod is purchased from reputable sod growers. It will be important to water and cut your lawn consistently for the first few weeks after the grass is beginning to take root. 

Take a look at the maintenance schedule below to coordinate your Watering and Mowing routines after we lay your new sod:

Grading & Sodding - Watering Maintenance | Little Creek Landscaping Edmonton & Calgary